M-Flamingo- Technology is at the heart of our business. Whether we're pushing the limits of existing technology, or inventing the products or the services for tomorrow, we are dedicated to stretching the definition of what's possible. The most recent news is making us to think that WAP Access in the coming years will be more fun than it ever has been. M Flamingo allows their customers to interact with products in market and online also. To get you thinking, some ideas in line with the M-Flamingo theme would include:

• Supporting all Device management and operators.
• Supporting the Brand owners.
• Simplifying support for billions of connected devices

At M-Flamingo we use innovation to empower people, business and society and as communication changes the way we live and work, it plays a key role in this evolution. Using innovation to empower people, business and society, so that everyone is benefited with every sense. It is the opening up new possibilities for all kinds of experiences – including WAP access.

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