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MSAI® is the world’s Premier Autonomous Research & Development, Testing and Regulatory Compliance Services and Solutions Provider for the Global Customers.

Delivering sustained outcomes for more than a decade for the Telecom, Electronics and IT Equipment Manufacturers, Importers and Brand Owners.
Our time-tested trust nurtured with dedicated subject matter experts, key technical gurus & domain experts deliver the highest quality through integrity and rock solid experiences.

Our consistent investment in standards knowhow, big data tools, latest technology results in cutting edge solutions and services where agility, consistency and insight thrive to provide supreme excellence.

We have earned the trust of Fortune 1000 organizations through every interaction, every experience, every relationship and every support outcome which is customized and delivered with positive impacts.

Leading organizations from the world’s wireless fraternity, connected devices manufacturers, OEMs, importers, brand owners, Government bodies count on us. Our human-led and tech-powered research and development, data intelligence, compliances support and customized solutions provide meaningful experiences delivering real-life results touching citizens across our beloved planet.

Our Commitment To You
We are committed to adding value to your organization. Our success is centered on providing the appropriate expert advice to enable you to launch safe and reliable products and services, and helping you to demonstrate quality and confidence in what you offer to your own customers.
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